8 Questions to Ask Your Future Agent

Two years ago, Secret Agent Man headquarters created a quiz that was designed to test the inner workings of the thespian mind. We published it right here and since then, agents all over the world have been using it to make educated decisions about who they should sign.

This got me thinking. Why not do the same for you? Why not create a quiz actors can give to agents who offer them representation? So with the help of a noted psychiatrist and a huge pot of coffee, we’ve done just that.

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The following test is scientifically guaranteed to help you make the right choice when an agent asks you to sign on the dotted line.

1) Ten percent is: A. The amount an agent can legally take as a commission on their client’s work B. A suggestion C. Not enough

2) President Lincoln was killed by an actor. Thoughts? A. Yes, that’s true—his name was John Wilkes Booth B. See? Actors are all crazy! They should be locked up C. Actors will do anything to get attention

3) Do you enjoy going to the theater? A. I love watching actors perform onstage B. No! Look how it turned out for Lincoln! C. As long as parking is provided and the theater is close to my office and the seats are comfortable and the play is over in less than two hours

4) Who really books the job: the actor or the agent? A. The actor—all we do is provide the opportunity B. Me, myself, and I C. It’s a team effort

5) Should it be legal for an agent to beat an actor? A. No! That’s crazy! B. You mean it’s not? C. Only under certain circumstances, like when an actor forgets to book out and when they’re late for auditions and when they refuse to update their headshots

6) Any thoughts on social media? A. It’s a valuable tool. Every single actor should have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other sites B. I don’t have time for computer games C. Actors who create their own content can benefit strongly from social media

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7) How do you drop clients? A. That’s the worst part of the job! I can’t even think about it! B. I prefer to do it in person—that way, I can see the tears C. A simple phone call is best

8) What would you do for a living if you couldn’t be an agent? A. I would become a manager so I could still work with actors B. I would run a hedge fund C. I would work for Netflix

Now here’s how you judge an agent’s response to these questions: An agent who mostly answers A is probably new to the job and way too naive to be effective. Do not sign with this person. An agent who mostly answers B is a bitter and cynical crook who might be insane and should be avoided at all costs. An agent who mostly answers C has been at it for several years, understands the business, and will get the job done. If he or she offers you representation, accept right away and consider yourself lucky.

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