Meet the Netflix Casting Director That's Putting Atlanta on The Map

Casting TaylorMade is turning Atlanta casting calls into Netflix movie magic.

Netflix’s new series Stranger Things is filming throughout Atlanta, Georgia and in order to get an inside look at the new series from the global streaming service, we asked Heather Taylor from TaylorMade Casting her thoughts on Netflix, and what it’s like to work with Netflix on this new project.

We asked Taylor what’s it like working as a casting director for Netflix? Taylor responded by saying “Working for Netflix is fantastic. Netflix uses a very similar model to Feature Films, but is somewhat a hybrid between a Feature and an Episodic, which means we receive information from production with a lot of time to book in advance.”

In an industry that requires long hours and tons of preparation, Heather Taylor explains that working with Netflix is more calculated and precise which allows for her as well as fellow crew members to create a better production. “This (and I am sure everyone would agree) is a wonderful way of working because the longer time I have to be informed on what our production needs, the more plentiful my pool of Background Performers is to pick from.”

Overall, Heather Taylor says working as a casting director in general is a rewarding process and is something should would probably not give up for the world. “But all in all – I have to say I really enjoy all parts of being a Casting Director and I am always up for all types of projects. I can work just as well under pressure as I can relaxed – when you love what you do everyday it’s always a pleasure. Keep them coming.”

In the Netflix series Stranger Things, a family and town are rocked after a 12-year-old boy, Will (Schnapp), goes missing. His mother, Joyce (Ryder), siblings (Dyer and Heaton), and friends continue to seek answers, along with the town’s chief of police (Harbour). Will’s best friend, Mike (Wolfhard), is particularly determined to save his friend, and along the way, he encounters a girl with special abilities (Brown) and gets help from Dustin (Matarazzo) and Lucas (McLaughlin). Supernatural forces come into play as a mystery involving top-secret experiments unravels.

If you’re interested in joining the cast of Stranger Things make sure to like the Casting TaylorMade Facebook page for all of the latest casting breakdowns. Or simply sign up for our newsletter for all of the casting updates.

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