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Fourteen years ago this month, the office was destroyed by fire. The agency was located in Indian Harbour Beach in Brevard County. If you want to know who your true friends are, have a disaster like this and you will find out. My friend, Zoe Boyer, former agent at Susanne Haley Agency, organized a team for Brevard Talent Group to get up to speed as soon as possible, including Mary DeVitto, former agents Terry Hill and Eve Koch pitched in along with myself and Zoe to send out paperwork. The support I received was humbling to say the least. Actors sent gift cards to office supply stores, Mary Rachel Dudley sent a big box of supplies and Whitney Goin bought a new phone system that I still use at my home office. Patrick Mickler gave me a framed comic book of “Wonder Woman” that is still hanging in my office. Note to self: check value on eBay. The extra’s files were destroyed and I felt it was a sign to quit booking extras on film/TV – best decision ever! Your life can change course at any minute. I am grateful that nobody was hurt in the fire and for the outpouring of love. On a positive note, this was a great way for actors to update their resumes!

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