How Drugs Can Ruin An Actor’s Acting Career

Should actors do drugs to improve their acting performance?

Some of your favorite actors used drugs in order to get into character for a movie role, TV show or theater production. In fact, Johnny Depp said he dropped acid with Hunter S. Thompson, in order to prepare for the lead role in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

However, it is important to keep in mind that some of the biggest A-list actors that end up going to rehab didn’t start out their acting career as a drug addict or acoholics (although many of them end up the long and hard road of addictition). That is why it is important you stand out in front of casting directors by doing the right thing and avoiding drugs. Casting directors see thousands of aspiring actors on a daily basis, so it is important you understand that a single flaw may be the reason why casting directors decide to pass on working with you.

If you show up at an audition, on set, or post on social media drunk or high, the casting director will only assume you are always like this. Then he or she will more likely pass on you because you’re too much of a liability on the project.

If you find yourself using weekend party drugs on a more consistent basis, then consider entering a treatment program. Doing so should help you with not only your acting career but your life.

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