Casting Director Blasts Extras Who Do This…

Should background extras list extra work on their IMDB page?

Every actor has to start somewhere. A large majority of actors have made their first big break into the industry working as a background actor, stand-in or photo double on a TV show or movie.

But, should background extras list their acting experience on IMDB? Well, according to Chad Darnell, the casting director behind movies such as Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike XXL and Daniel Radcliffe’s upcoming drama Imperium, says to leave IMDB for the professionals.

IMDB is one of the few places where you can find the acting resume for all of the biggest actors, models, director, producers and any other industry professional. To get credit for a movie or TV show on IMDB can easily boost an actor’s resume. But, as Chad Darnell pointed out on Facebook earlier this week, “DO NOT list yourself on IMDB”.

Here’s what he had to say:

Dear extras that I cast in films: DO NOT list yourself on IMDB. It’s gross. IMDB is meant for principal actors. I’m looking at a long list of “roles” on IMDB that we DID NOT cast as principals. If you expect us to take you seriously in “the room” when we have you read for principal roles, DO NOT give yourself credit for roles you were not cast in. “Klan Elder.” Not a role. “Skinbird.” (The Hell?) Not a role. “Anti-Fascist Activist.” Not a role.

Seriously? WHY?

These are things I don’t forget. And I’m going to be back here early next year for a project.

It is important to point out that in the Facebook post Chad Darnell is pointing out many of the background acting roles for the movie Imperium starring Daniel Radcliffe, where the former Harry Potter star goes undercover as an FBI agent and joins the KKK. Apparently, background extras from the movie are trying to gain IMDB acting credit for the movie. But, production will only give credit to actors that had speaking lines in the movie.

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