Why Every Actor Should Not Focus on Being a Great Actor

Many actors have lost their jobs by acting unprofessionally on the set. Actors who always show up late, getting into fights with actors or crew, interfere with other people working, or show up drunk or high may be written out of a show our simply just fired.

Michael Cera is known for his quirky jokes and his cute movie roles. But did you know that Michael Cera flipped out on set of Knocked Up? You can watch the video below, but needless to say, he was later fired from the movie.

Actors must always keep in mind that you can lose an acting job about a million different ways, but can get one only by acting professional at all times to everyone on set and off set. Being a professional actor requires being courteous, polite, and charming to everyone you come across even the production assistant who guards the backdoor. You never know what they can do for you in the future, that is why it is good business practice to always be nice.

Here are three tips to improve your acting career while you are on set.

1. Show up on time.

2. Know your lines.

3. Be nice

But, actors can improve or hurt their acting career by using on social media. As Project Casting already pointed out, casting directors and producers are paying more attention to what actors do on social media. The more followers an actor has, the better. That is why every actor should learn to post on social media on a consistent basis. However, many actors get into trouble by writing or posting controversial topics online on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Nowadays, a single Tweet can go viral in a matter of seconds that is why it is important actors keep everything PC (politically correct) at all times.

Keep in mind. Directors and producers do not always cast the best actor their movie or TV show, they are looking for actors that have a growing fan base, easy to work with and actors that are nice. By focusing not on your acting talent 100% of the time but on social media presence and personality, you can go a long way.

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