4 Ways You Can Transform Your Acting Career Overnight

Learn how you can transform your acting career overnight with these four easy steps.

Acting is not fair. It is one of the few professions where a talentless man or woman becomes a celebrity overnight while an trained actor slaves away for years and never becomes famous. However, there are many actors who have established a name for themselves and have become working actors in Hollywood. You know who they are. They will appear in minor roles in several TV shows and movies. But, it begs the question, how can an aspiring actor land more auditions and speaking roles in Hollywood movies and TV shows? The best way to build an acting career is by copying what other working actors are doing. While studying how Morgan Freeman became famous won’t necessarily make you a million dollars, it can often help you become more successful than you are right now.

1. What is a successful actor?

Do not compare yourself to other actors. While an A-list celebrity may look happy with millions of dollars, nice clothes and fast cars, many famous actors are lonely and miserable. If you measure how successful you are by how much money you have, then you’re following the perfect recipe for failure. But, if you love acting more than anything else in the world, then you will enjoy the results a lot more.

2. Respect the entertainment industry

Becoming an actor requires networking, building relationships, and connecting with people you may not be wholeheartedly interest in. Therefore, practice being a responsible professional. Show up to auditions, meetings, parties, and functions early. If you have an appointment to meet with a talent agent or casting director, show up 15 minutes early to show your level of commitment. It may allow you to spend more time with that hot shot talent agent or mingle with the show’s producer.

3. Keep it Simple Stupid

Talent agencies, casting directors and producers all believe time is money. The entertainment industry is plagued with e-mails. Casting directors are filtering through thousands of submissions. Producers are networking and planning their next production and talent agencies are constantly looking for their client’s next job. So, it is important for an actor to remember to keep it simple when e-mailing, talking, or writing someone connected to the entertainment industry. Next time you e-mail a casting director try writing only three sentences.

The Problem

E-mail takes too long to respond to, resulting in continuous inbox overflow for those who receive a lot of it.

The Solution

Treat all email responses like SMS text messages, using a set number of letters per response. Since it’s too hard to count letters, we count sentences instead. [Source]

4. Make sure you’re always “Camera Ready”

In order to become a successful actor, you must always be prepared. If you have audition, make sure you memorized your lines. If you have to learn an accent, start taking classes immediately. The best actors are those that are willing to jump at any opportunity prepared and ready to start filming.

Here are some examples of staying “camera ready”

  • Carry multiple headshots and acting resumes with you, wherever you go.

  • Know all of your lines.

  • Memorize several monologues that fits your character.

  • Consistently check Project Casting for the latest casting calls and auditions.

  • Make sure your cell phone is charged to answer any upcoming calls.

  • Keep a calendar to understand your availability.

Overall, in order to become an actor it takes being ready, keeping it simple, and always staying professional. Acting is not fair and the entertainment industry is rough. But, if you never give up, then you will reap the rewards.

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