Colin Farrell Shares Amazing Acting and Hollywood Advice

Colin Farrell’s new show, ‘True Detective‘ may not be the most popular show on television, but he’s definitely an intelligent and smart actor the definitely definitely understands the business.

Earlier this week, Colin Farrell appeared on an episode of Tavis Smiley to talk about ‘True Detective’. Smiley questioned Colin Farrell about his 2004 box-office bombs ‘Alexander,’ and ‘Miami Vice‘ and half way through the interview Colin Farrell shares some insightful words about working in the entertainment industry.

It all happened really, really fast. Alexander and then Miami Vice, which were films that were very big and that didn’t work so much critically and didn’t work so much financially and I was made to feel aware of the fact that all of a sudden, things that I was in weren’t working. So it just made me go, “Wow, OK.” So I can’t believe in the lie that’s being presented to me anymore that I’m a movie star and that everything is great. I have this No. 1 movie, that one. Everyone is telling me now that that’s gone. So it was kind of like, ugh…all of it’s a delusion. Telling me it’s gone is a delusion. Ever believing that it was there in the first place is a delusion.

Collin Farrell didn’t stop there he added the following:

Life works in such contradictions, you know? Don’t get me wrong, I really want everything I do to be appreciated, to find an audience, I want people to think I’m good at what I do, I want to feel good at what I do. We all have a self-worth in our lives that unfortunately and by virtue of being part of human existence we look outside ourselves and see how we’re doing with our peers. So, I’m there very much. But at the same time, I don’t relate to the importance of it all with the depth that I used to—when I used to say I didn’t care about it. When I used to go, “I don’t care about any of it.” I really cared then. I just didn’t know how to acknowledge it or express my caring. I didn’t understand it. Now, I still care, but I care less really. And it’s freed me up. That’s the irony, it’s freed me up.

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