Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need your class?

If you want to be a professionally trained actor you need to be professionally trained.


  • Can I get all of the training that I need in 6 weeks or less?

You can't become a doctor in a 6-week class.  And you can't become a professionally trained actor in that period of time either.


  • How many nights per week do I have to attend class?

You can attend as many or as few nights that you want.  However, we recommend attending all four nights (Monday through Thursday.)


  • What are the class hours?

Classes begin promptly at 7:00pm and run until the finish of business.


  • Who teaches the classes?

Classes are taught by Kathy Laughlin, CSA.   Kathy is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and is founding President of Performers Studio Workshop.  Kathy has been teaching acting for over 25 years


  • Is this class a course in scene study?

No.  The Performers Studio Workshop is an extensive actor's workshop based on the Eric Morris system of acting which has been modified and improved by Kathy Laughlin.


  • What is the Eric Morris system of acting?

The Eric Morris system of acting is not something that can be described in a few sentences or paragraphs.  This web site gives just a brief glimpse of the process.  It has taken Eric Morris five books (which are on the reading list on this site) to cover his extensive process and Eric is currently working on a sixth book.  Kathy Laughlin has studied Eric's process for many years and modified the process to simplify it, but you must read the books, involve yourself in either Kathy's or Eric's workshops, and physically, sensorially, and spiritually do the exercises before you will understand the process.


  • How long until my training is complete?

As an actor, your training should continue for the rest of your life or until the time that you quit the business or die, whichever should occur first.

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