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The Eric Morris process, which has been modified by Kathy Laughlin, is a process of acting that is basically broken down by Eric Morris into three major categories, "the Business, the Instrument, and the Craft. Although Eric Morris lists the process as Business, Instrument, and Craft, Kathy has changed the order to: the Instrument, the Craft, and the Business. 

 "The process is still moveable, but it is provable."

-Kathy Laughlin C.S.A

The Performers Studio Workshop is an extensive actor's workshop specializing in a process of acting which allows the actor to fulfill every aspect of the material (from drama to comedy and all points in between) from an organic, real place.  Kathy Laughlin created this process of acting after a lifetime of evaluating and experimenting with other acting techniques.  Kathy is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has trained thousands of successful actors over the past 25 years.  The process that Kathy Laughlin has created covers an in-depth review of the 5 Ps of acting.


  • P1 - Preparation - How to prepare the Instrument, develop your craft and understand the business

  • P2 - Planning - How to chart your course to becoming a successful actor

  • P3 - Performance -How to apply techniques of the craft to your performance         

  • P4 - Persistence - Keys to understanding how to apply persistence to pursuing your career goals without being a pest

  • P5 - Play - How to enjoy what you are doing and not take yourself too seriously


This process of acting allows the actor to bring the uniqueness of his or her own individual personality and talent to each role.

Kathy has organized the curriculum to satisfy the passion of all actors.  


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